Huddah Monroe calls out Kenyan influencers for ignoring local businesses

Socialite Huddah Monroe has called out Kenyan influencers for attending Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty product launch in huge numbers while they ignore their own.

Rihanna’s product launch happened on Thursday night and various influencers attended the exclusive event.

In various posts on her Instagram, Huddah said the same influencers ignore Kenyan brands or show less support.
“Good luck y’all with supporting abroad business for free. While your local shea butter seller is asking to pay you 15k for just 30 seconds reel or just a post and you refuse. They are still winning. Keep on guys. The sky is not the limit.

Huddah added that some influencers chose to support foreign businesses for free but charge alot of money to their country people.

“We Africans have a long way to go. We won’t support local businesses for a fee but we will embrace anything foreign for free.

They do it for free or peanut to look busy and booked. Living struggle mode lives and then when Huddah DM’s them coz i am nice like that and i wanna pay…They ask for 200k for a reel..”

She encouraged her fans to empower local business so they can build their people.

“Buy Kenyan made by Kenyans build Kenya. Empower your people. Empower local business.”

Huddah said she will be supporting local businesses on her page to support them for free.

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