I’d abort that child! Huddah says about having a broke man’s child

Huddah Monroe is never afraid to share a hot take with her followers no matter the controversy that it might stoke. The socialite, who has been in Zambia was at it again and broke men will not be happy with her recent opinion about them.

The socialite posing

The pretty socialite took to Instagram to disclose that she could never keep a broke man’s baby. Her reason? Doing so would be because she would be bringing an idiot into this world knowingly. She wondered why ladies got pregnant for such men .

“Deez nig*az can only afford weed and d*** and y’all having babies for dem? Id abort that child with my pinkie! No cap! F*** ya opinion! I’m not about to bring an idiot into this world knowingly! God Forbid!” read Huddah’s Insta story.

Huddah in red
The socialite in red

But Huddah isn’t dismissing all broke people and had some “kind” words to say about them in another of her Instagram tirades.

God forgive you! Huddah angrily tells man who left after she had a surgery for him

Ms. Monroe disclosed that she didn’t mind having broke friends or people for being broke but she hated it when such people act rich. “I don’t mind people being broke. I’ve been there and I don’t mind having broke friends. I hate when broke people act rich. Nig*a act your wage” said Huddah.

Huddah and Juma Jux dating
Huddah and Juma Jux dating

This comes a few weeks after the entrepreneur and Tanzanian RnB singer Juma Jux caused an uproar on social media after they were spotted holidaying together in Zanzibar, amid reports of Juma’s breakup with her Mzungu girlfriend Nayika.

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