Huddah is in love. Read her cute confession

She has gone missing from the public scene for a pretty long and people have questioned what Huddah Monroe has been upto.

A while back, it was rumoured that Huddah is married to an Arab man, claims she hasn’t addressed yet.

Well, Huddah has finally revealed that she’s so in love to a point it’s scaring her because she has so much she wants to accomplish.

She also revealed that love makes her lose focus. So with this new phase, will she be the Huddah the public knows or will she change?

She wrote, “DAMN’ im so In love…. it’s driving me crazy guys. I forgot RULE 1. Pray for me and Bare with me as I go through this phase of my life. Love makes me lose focus… I just woke up today and I was like WTF! What you doin B? I got a lot to accomplish . And this Love is about to confuse me . Lord have mercy.”

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