Huddah Monroe posing

Huddah claims she is selling her 60 million home in Runda

Huddah Monroe is one of the most popular socialites that we have in Kenya. The beauty who became well-known after her stint on Big Brother Africa has been in the USA the last couple of months.

Huddah in Beverley Hills
Huddah in Beverley Hills

But while in the cushy locales like Manhattan and L.A Alhuda can still shock and surprise. She did so on her Instagram page this week.

She revealed that she owned a house in the pricy suburbs of Runda!

And how much does the house cost according to her? A cool 60 million shillings! That was not all, she said that it was on the market if anyone wanted to buy it.

Huddah Monroe in orange
The socialite posing

She also stipulated that only serious buyers were allowed to inbox their bank statements for the past one month – in order for her to give out more details concerning the house.

She also posted that she does not normally post pictures of her house on social media because people with money rarely take photos of their homes and this is why she was not posting any on her timeline.

Huddah Monroe running errands
The socialite posing in the gym

Huddah was in a sharing mood and also dropped some truth bombs to all the girls following and admiring her on social media. She wrote;

You don’t plant seeds and eat the fruits the same day…Instead of Dming me saying you are 18 and envious of my life. First Google my throwbacks and think straight. I didn’t become me in 1 day. I am still trying to figure out myself. If you are tryna be me you will commit suicide half the way.

Huddah in the back of a luxury car
Huddah in the back of a luxury car

What could she mean with that last remark? What could be so tough in her life that suicide could be an option?

Don’t forget Miss Monroe has done well for herself as of now; she has a 1.7 million-strong following on Instagram and owns her own online cosmetic store.

Clearly, everyone has their own demons that they are battling.

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