Huddah advises girls to leave mbaba, that broke men are the best

Huddah Monroe is spitting facts that many are not ready to listen to.

On Monday night September 13, Huddah told girls in an Instagram story session that they should leave married men alone and focus on broke guys who give the best twa twa.

She admitted that she has been there, done that and regrets it “girl been there done that!”

She captioned “but hapo kanairo mtu anaweza kula dry spell I rarely found my type”

Insisting “kidogo kidogo unaaanza kukulana na vitu haziko, coz  hata ababa unawakula and they cant help leevate you! unaharibu marriage ya watu na mbaba hakuaidii”

Hoping to convince girls, Huddah told another fan who argued against this thought “save your youth usiwache masperms  mzee zikumwagikie, unaanza kuparara and hakupei pesa ya kununua rich beauty body oil”

Huddah is in Dubai and living her best life. She never shows us her bae, but is dating.

“usiache wabab hawakusaidii wakupararishe and you are destroying  people homes for nothing”  she began her comments

Adding that “kama unakulana na mbaba hakusaidii my friend open your eyes afadhali a broke a*s young bwoyy than a rich stingy old man”


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