Huddah addresses rumors of living in poverty in Dubai


Huddah has labelled as baseless claims that she is living in poverty in Dubai.

This follows allegations by a woman who said Huddah is living from hand to mouth since moving to Dubai.

Huddah said ‘This is why I don’t hang with Kenyans in Dubai. I don’t even know many Kenyans here only three. And y’all know where I live in Dubai lol! Dubai is very small, most of you could never and may be will never with this rumor filled jealousyΒ  of yours! Keep wishing me bad. While good keeps coming my way’

Huddah added ‘Just coz you can’t afford *hit don’t mean everyone cannot. Your situation is yours alone’.

In another post, Huddah added ‘Ever since I moved here the rumors have been immenseΒ  But did I break ?No. I’m still living the same life I lived ten years ago. Only God will decide when it’ over. Not your mouth and rumor’s yall’


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