‘My hubby shares his prostitutes with his friends’ cries Nairobi woman

A Kenyan woman has been left in a dilemma after her husband found solace in the hands of prostitutes .What is even more shocking is that he shares the women with his friends.

The woman took to social media to share her ordeal adding that so disgusted is she that she cannot even imagine getting intimate with her hubby.

Kenyans are fond of stating that “Mwanaume ni wako akiwa kwa nyumba akitoka nje ni wa jamii” but this memo seems to have escaped this woman.

 I found out that my husband of five years has been using prostitutes. What’s more , sometimes he shares them with his friends!!! .

I’ve found out through his online accounts and he spends so much money on them.

I cried all through the day I discovered his dirty secrets but feel noting now. I avoid him as much as possible now and won’t even look at him.

I can’t imagine ever sleeping with him again after knowing all I do now and I worry for my health. Our five years marriage has produced two kids.

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Woman crying

I desperately wish I could turn back the hands of time to the day I said I do to this man. The love I once had for him is gone , now I only feel disgust and resentment which is slowly eating me up.

I haven’t confronted him about my findings yet , to him I’m still the naive wife who believes she has the perfect husband. Advice???

What would your advise to her be? Put your response in the comment section.


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