How Touching! DJ Soxxy’s Wife Reveals Her Struggle With Infertility And Her Husband’s Undying Support

One of Kenya’s top deejays, Jackson Kamau aka DJ Soxxy, who hosts The Switch on K24, is a loving husband and a caring father to a beautiful baby girl.

DJ Soxxy and his wife, Anne Wanjiku, dated for four years and got married on June 18, 2011. They are blessed with one child, a daughter by the name, Eliana Wairimu.

Eliana will turn 2-years-old in August, but according to DJ Soxxy’s wife, getting their adorable daughter was close to a miracle. Anne Wanjiku was diagnosed in 2009 with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), a hormonal condition and one of the leading causes of infertility.

Anne had been friends with Soxxy since high school, before they dated and later got married.

Speaking to Mediamax Netwrok, Anne said: “My first reaction was to try getting a baby as soon as yesterday. That did not sit well with Soxxy because we were not yet married. We had a fight and broke up for a few months.”

She continued to narrate: “I thank God that Soxxy chose to marry me despite the infertility report. And when we got married, he insisted that we didn’t have to start trying conceiving immediately.”

A trip to a gynecologist later confirmed that Ann had many cysts in her ovaries, plus she was experiencing hormonal imbalances that affected her menstrual cycle:

“My gynaecologist proposed I start taking fertility pills. I took them for six months, but nothing happened, despite the adverse effects the pills had on me. Soxxy bore the brunt and was at the receiving end of my mood swings and headaches. I also developed high blood pressure.”

Thereafter, the gynecologist gave the couple two options: 1) In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) or 2) Go for surgery to try and remove the cysts. In both options, there was no guarantee that they could have a child. “I honestly gave up and told Soxxy that we should adopt a baby.

“I didn’t have any more energy to keep trying. But he had faith and kept telling me it’s only God who gives children. He never at one point looked distraught for not having a baby,” she adds.

DJ Soxxy reminded her countless times  that he loves her despite all the challenges they were facing. The couple was informed they were expecting when they least expected it.

It came about six months after her decision to just let go and wait upon God. “I didn’t think I was pregnant. I thought I was unwell. I was fatigued and I booked a massage, but it didn’t help. When the test turned positive, I was in shock and so was Soxxy. He kept on asking me if the test was mine,” she quips.

The journey into motherhood started. Anne was put on hormonal treatment because people with PCOS have a higher chance of suffering a miscarriage. However, she developed high blood pressure in the first trimester and it had to be managed.

“All this time, Soxxy never missed any prenatal visit. He stood with me through all the Lamaze classes, he even googled and learnt stuff that I didn’t know about. He was with me for the 14 hours I laboured until it was decided I deliver through CS,” Anne says of her supportive husband.

On August 7, 2014, Eliana Wairimu was born. “Eliana is a Hebrew name that means ‘My God answered’. We felt God had come through for us,” she reveals. Two years later, Anne is almost due with their second baby. She still suffers from PCOS and is advising those suffering from the condition not to suffer alone.

“Talking and praying about it eases the burden. In as much as friends would not give you a definite solution, they would shed some new light and angle on how you may tackle the challenge,” she notes.









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