How to survive life as a bachelor in Kenya (5 Tips)

Is it hard to live your life as a bachelor in Kenya? Not so.

We have several sworn bachelors in Kenya and they prove that life in the single lane ain’t so bad.

Some notable ones include our very own Maina Kagei, Mike Mondo, Trevor Ombija, Sauti Sols Chimano and Savara, Jimmy Gait, Guardian Angel and Willy Paul to name a few.

They don’t seem to be doing that badly as bachelors.

Here are ways to survive this life especially in these hard economic times:

i) Reduce your food intake 

No man loves the idea of doing dishes. If we had the ability of getting new dishes over and over we would gladly embrace this. Eating less equals to cleaning less dishes. Men love eating now and then. This adds to the already piled up dirty dishes in the sink. Consider taking less food. Or better yet use disposables.


ii) Be friends with Mama Mboga

Mama Mboga should be your second mother after your biological mother. It’s a hard life out there for any average living bachelor. You never know when the next meal could be. Going to bed on an empty stomach is inevitable. Be great friends with Mama Mboga. She can always offer you food on credit. Wouldn’t you loves such a deal? I bet you would.


iii) Avoid too many women

Women are a liability. The more they are, the higher the pressure to manage them. With a struggling source of income you don’t want to find yourself trying to please someone’s daughter whereas your house rent is waiting. It’s also not a good idea too many women knowing your place of residence. They could clash your twa twa timetable.



iv) Be friends with the watchman

You need to have a great bromance with your gate man. Coming home late is part of the drill. Gate men can be really annoying. They hold the secrets of the neighborhood. You don’t want the whole neighborhood to know of your randy behavior. You should be tipping him often. He’ll be feeding from your palm and that’s something you can maximize on.

v) Have few clothes

Been a man comes with the advantage of recycling clothes. We don’t have the energy to keep doing laundry. Having few clothes ensures cleaning them often. Buy dark colored outfits. You can always mix and match. You are a man. It’s allowed.





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