How to successfully co-parent according to Akothee

Akothee is never shy to show off her kids to the public despite the fact that she is a single mother who recently won custody of her boys in a court battle.

The mother of five has appointed herself as the defender of single mothers in Kenya due to the constant harassment and victimization they face from the public.

Most single mothers in Kenya hide their status for the fear of venturing into the unknown, but here is Akothee’s advice for them

“Co-oparenting is only possible with parents who moved on, and has accepted that now let’s concentrate on the children,as we move on with our different lives, the ones you see in court ups and downs are fighting love triangles, someone just want to cause pain for the other using the child as a tool, may God punish all of you thinking in this direction .”


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Akothee has three daughters and two sons from different baby daddy’s but that has not made her love for her kids any less.

Some fans agreed with her timely advice and here are their comments

glamorousqualitystuff..Well put @akotheekenya people should concentrate on kids and not hurting each other.💪🙏

irenenbryanah…And that’s why I’m so proud of you and ZARI… need to drag pipo to court just because you need some money for your own upkeep….what if you didn’t have that kid???… Would you still drag them to court??

lydia_lydia_mk…Especially here in Kenya people see as if they aren’t dating each other they can’t co parent. Hope all fathers emulate this, that being a dad is more than just providing

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