How to make your partner forget their ex the Anerlisa Muigai way

Anerlisa Muigai is giving tips on how to help your partner completely forget about their ex. The businesswoman has admitted that she bins everything that is from her man’s previous relationship.

Taking to social media, Muigai wrote;

“If you want your partner to completely forget their exes, is by first removing and replacing anything they ever left in that house. Your partner will even respect you more because they will see you have the same power of replacement.”

She continued;

“I am that person who can’t even stand seeing even a handkerchief bought by an ex laying around lol. #Trashed #JustSaying,” She concluded with the hast tag petty

Recently, Anerlisa revealed that she and her boyfriend Melvin are almost celebrating their first anniversary.

“Can’t believe I am almost one year with you, 20th June.”

Anerlisa was married to Tanzanian singer Ben Pol. Rumours of their divorce came into the limelight a few months into their marriage.

Ben Pol was reported to be the one who filed for a divorce and in an interview, he admitted that;

At the moment, because it is true I was the one that filed for divorce, I think when it comes to divorce matters, it entails a lot, and because of that it is still ongoing. But the status is that according to the Tanzanian law, we are still bound, but emotionally I bet none of us wants to be with each other,” he said.

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