How to know if she will cheat on you


  • When she is very materialistic

This goes without saying. When a woman knows her boyfriend’s regular salary cannot buy her that Peruvian wig or that Balenciaga or throw her that yatch party that she desperately wants, she’s bound to cheat with that guy who’s money will provide these things and more for her.

  • If she’s very secretive about her personal life

When you ask her where she is going to, and she replies out? Then she is definitely cheating on you. Does she say where she’s traveling to? If she says a short trip somewhere, and she will be back before you know it, it’s a clear indication that she is/will cheat.

  • If she’s acting like she’s doing you a favor by dating you

They are never willing to compromise, it’s always about them and if you complain, they remind you that they could very well be with a host of other better guys but they chose you. For example, they have unnecessary attitude and drama, always saying things like “If you can’t send me uber money to come see you, forget it; or if you can’t give me money when leaving, I’m not coming.” Ain’t a relationship meant to be a two-way affair?

Fall In Love

  • If she lies a lot

When she gets a phone call and lies her whereabouts and yet ya’ll are together, just know you are not the only one she tells the same things. There are other guys she tells the same lies.

  • When she complains about everything concerning you

All of a sudden the attributes that she loved about you have been thrown out of the window. She now starts noticing your small imperfections. This is a sign she has definitely found someone else that she thinks is way much better than you and she cannot find a kind way to let you go.

  • If she is still in touch with her ex

This is one is dicey because there’s a difference between being just on good terms with your ex or exes. If her ex still has any kind of emotional hold on her and she has supposedly moved on, chances are she’ll cheat with him.


  • If she’s addicted to pekejeng

As much as intimacy is normal between a couple, there are some instances that can be claimed as too much. Sometimes it’s not even normal. Sometimes its just boredom and we know-how and an idle mind is a devil’s workshop.

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  • If she has friends that cheat and she’s okay with it

I do not think this needs any explanation really. You may argue and tell yourself,” Oh they are just my friends and I don’t behave like that.” Chances are you will do the same before you even realize what’s happening.

  • If she places no value over her body

It goes without saying, some girls seek validation with their bodies. Some will dress in skimpy outfits here and there to get approval glances from men and then they convince themselves they like that for themselves. There’s always an underlining reason. It’s different when your husband loves it when you wear certain outfits.

  • If she has a track record of a cheating mother

This is painful but true. If you’ve been brought up a certain way and was used to seeing certain things as normal, chances are you’ll end up doing the same.

If your mother had no qualms bringing in her lovers to the house or dating men and running things in front of you, you will grow up thinks that that was normal behavior. Birds of the same feather flock together. It will be up to you to consciously break the cycle and do better.

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