How to keep fit while in self isolation

In a bid to stop Coronavirus from spreading companies have asked employees to work from home, while schools have been shut.

For the gym enthusiasts, brace yourself for tough times ahead as gyms are also closed.

Here are ways you can still keep fit within the house:

1. Homebased workouts
YouTube is here with us. With a few clicks, you can stream simple indoor workouts which range from 3-10 minutes. Wake up early in the morning and do a few exercises before beginning your days’ work. They don’t have to be vigorous workouts. Always stay fit.

2. Reduce food intake
People have the luxury to eat from home and this requires utmost discipline. People are buying in a panic mode and it’s no wonder fridges are full to the maximum. Limit yourself to eating badly. You don’t want to end up obese by the time this Coronavirus is gone. Avoid sugary foods and too much wheat.

3. Avoid working in bed
With the kids being at home, working in your bedroom may be the best option to avoid kids’ drama. This may be a health risk factor to your back. Buy yourself a working table and make use of it. It allows for a better sitting position for those who work for long hours. You might end up booking that orthopaedic appointment soon.

4. Limit social media usage
Social media usage has a lot to do with mental health. Much of your time might be consumed doing private surfing and social media handles are the most viewed sites. Reduce the temptations to always be in WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and much more. You need to remain sane in these hard moments. In place of surfing, you can play indoors games with your kids and beloved wife.

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