How to get her interested through texting


Are you stuck wondering what to text her, perhaps because you fear her response?

Texting is a powerful way to flirt, but only if you know what you are doing.

It’s not the same as texting a friend or family member, it has some rules to it.

All women have these fantasies in their mind owing to romantic movies or novels they have read, and so are receptive to romantic words sent via text that can make her strongly attracted to you.

1. Text her something that will leave her with a smile:  Perhaps did you watch a movie together and something touched her? Remind her about it.

2. KISS – Keep it short and simple by not texting super LONG messages. Only we are allowed to do that.

3. Communicate one idea per text, otherwise she will miss one part of it and leave you frustrated

4. Create playful and flirtatious banter. Be as playful and fun as you can, perhaps focus on previous conversations you have had and would love to take it further.

5. Focus your attention on something unique about her and ask her questions about that

6. Say what you are thinking immediately, don’t waste time with banter, like like letting her know what you would like to do with her.

7. Because women fantasize, use descriptive words such as smells, thoughts, or feelings to write what you mean.

8. Don’t keep texting her when she hasn’t responded to your last message

9. Wait for about the same amount of time she did in between texts.

10. Sometimes you will exchange texts back and forth quickly, while other times you will get into your life and wait a little to text her.

11. Don’t focus too much on knowing when to text… just like a great life that you are proud of and get back to her when you can.

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