How to get and keep your dream man in 4 easy steps

Many times the dating landscape is littered with dating advice for women that ultimately leads to one destination: How do I get and keep my dream man?

I have the answers for you but you might not like them. Why? The advice in this article is not politically correct, it involves hard work that inevitably works.

Let’s begin

Intimacy (I can’t mention adult words in this article because Daddy Google will punish the site) so when you see me using the word (intimacy, intimate), please replace it with a word that starts with S and ends with X.

Let’s get this out of the way-Intimacy will get you in the door with a high-value man (your dream man) but it will not keep his attention. Every other woman he meets on the streets can offer him that.

What distinguishes you from all these other women? What value addition can you provide in his life apart from intimacy?

Your Value addition

1. Submit

How dare I mention that dirty word? I have and it is probably the most powerful tool a woman has in her arsenal of getting a man to not only commit but stay for the long haul.

Submission gets a bad rep because of the connotations that the woman has no say in the relationship. In fact, the more a woman submits the more her desires are met! Try it if you don’t believe me!

2. Cook and clean

Shock! Yes, I said it. We are in a day and age when feminism has convinced women that doing anything for the man that they are with is tantamount to abuse.

You want to keep that man who is also in demand with other women, start cooking and start cleaning. And if you don’t know, either learn or hire!

3. Don’t nag

I understand that women have emotions, mood swings, and hormones. This can affect how she behaves around her man with her behaviour changing. That is allowed to happen.

But when it becomes the norm rather than the exception then you (the woman) become a nightmare for the man. Let your company as a woman be pleasant, otherwise, your man will soon find other company; either that of other females, a bottle or…

4. Keep the intimacy coming

When women get comfortable that they have secured the commitment of the man that they desire, they get bored and the intimacy dwindles, making intimacy an obligation rather than something she enjoys.

That should not happen in your relationship. If you are not intimate with him he will go elsewhere.

What rationale does a man have to leave you if you are following all of the above? None. But if he does, aren’t all men trash anyway?

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