How To Deal With An Ex Once You Move On

We date break up, move on and do other things in life. However it is inevitable for us to meet or bump into our ex at some point.

What would you if you meet them with their new catch? How would you behave? It might be a bit awkward, it’s always good to behave as you would when meeting a friend in as much as you may have been hurt always remain the bigger person. Here’s how:

Be Nice – Act cordial and be nice to them. Whatever happened between the two of you is in the past let it go. Being nice has never hurt anyone, besides they say kill an enemy with kindness is the best revenge right? Also don’t be too friendly, it’s not a good picture.

Lose the green eyes – There is no point in acting jealous unless you still have feelings for them, but they won’t do you any justice since they have moved on. Also as the new partner trying to hold on to your new catch so that you “protect your territory” shows more “issues” from you than it does from their ex. Drop the act and be confident in yourself after all he’s with you.

Don’t be insecure – You have nothing to be insecure of since your partner is with you and not their ex. If you feel that there is some tension or unresolved issues address them head on, the sooner you do it the better.

Respect yourself –  Respect yourself and make sure that your partner too treats you with respect when you’re around their ex and with other people including his friends and family.

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