How To Cut Down On Snacks

Forget faddy diets and extreme exercise.

Scientists have found the secret to fighting the flab may be much simpler – and extremely cheap.

Storing tempting junk foods in resealable storage bags can have a dramatic impact on eating habits.


Tests show consumers are much less likely to keep gorging on fatty treats if they are kept in a bag that can be done up and stored in the fridge or cupboard.

The very act of sealing the snack in a bag seems to curb the desire to keep going back to it, researchers found.

And even when volunteers did go back for more, they ate less when it was in a sealed bag than when it was open and easily accessible.

 Experts who made the discovery at the University of Ghent in Belgium think sealing food away somehow acts as a psychological barrier which stops consumers giving in to their temptations.


 In a report on the findings psychologists said: ‘Portion control is one of the most important ingredients for maintaining a healthy weight.

‘Supersized portions are the norm and consumers struggle to self-regulate their consumption of palatable, energy-dense foods.

‘Choosing a resalable package might increase their ability to regulate what they eat without them feeling forced to do so.’

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