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How to celebrate Mother’s day without your mother

Not everyone will be able to enjoy the physical presence of their mom as we mark Mothers Day this coming weekend.

She may have passed on, or she may be living far away or have abandoned her family.

For these reasons, we might not want to celebrate this special day but that shouldn’t be the case because no matter what, a mother will always hold that special connection to you.

Just celebrate her.

Here are some of the ways you could celebrate Mothers day, all of them may not work for you but one or two may help you get through the day.

1. Make one of her favorite foods

We all have childhood memories that always involve food. Make her favorite recipe and use that in remembrance of your mother.

It will remind you of the good times and that will put a smile on your face.


Fun things to do with your mother for mother’s day!

2. Send a gift to yourself that will remind you of her

Did she love roses, cake, chocolates, ice-cream, perfume or that cute watch?

Send yourself a gift that will remind you of her every-time you hold it close to you.

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3. Visit one of her favorite places

Did she love the movies, travelling, picnics or hiking? By doing one of the things she loved to do, it may help you feel more closely connected to her.

This may help you connect in a deeper way by seeing things through her eyes.


4. Treat Mother’s Day like it is and acknowledge the day

By accepting this day, it means that you are healing and that you are allowing yourself to feel all the emotions that come with this day.

Some of the memories may not be pleasant remembering but by feeling the emotions, it gives you space to reconnect with your inner self and also with her.

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5. Be kind with yourself

You might be blaming yourself for many things that may have happened in the past.

You might be blaming yourself for the misunderstandings that may have occurred in your relationship.

However, even with all the conflicts in your mind, be kind to yourself, forgive yourself, allow yourself to heal and celebrate her anyway.



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