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A beauty expert, who works with TV stars such as the Strictly dancers, has revealed how you can keep natural looking lash extensions or lifts intact for longer than you’d expect.

Elizabeth Chandler, a lash expert from London, warns that there’s no point in splashing out tons of cash on extensions if you don’t take the right steps to look after them.

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Elizabeth takes us through how they work: ‘Extensions are made of man made synthetic fibre. They are matched in length to your natural lashes individually.

‘Tweezers are used to isolate each lash and once the extension has been dipped into a tiny amount of black adhesive it is placed carefully onto the natural lash.

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‘The extension must not touch the skin at any point on the lash line as it will prevent the natural lash from growing. Your natural lashes have a 3 month life cycle. The extensions will either grow out or fall out but the aim is for the extension to not pull the natural lash out.

‘It’s crucial that the length of the extension is appropriate for your natural lashes so that minimal weight is put onto the natural lash.

‘There are a few different techniques employed to extend your lashes the main ones are Classic Eyelash Extensions and Volume Eyelash Extensions.

‘Your eye shape will have a huge impact on what will suit you. In addition to your natural lash condition. The idea is to create symmetry, we can do this by adding curl and length in different areas of each eye so any hooded eyelids can be hidden.

‘We can also make eyes that are very close together appear to be more elongated. Darkness in the lashes will frame the eyes and make eye colour pop.’

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While lashes should last three to four weeks, they can fall out straight away without proper care.

She revealed that some beauty products should be avoided – especially face oils, while steams rooms also could compromise the adhesive.

‘In order to get the best out of your lash extensions you should avoid using any oily products, anything oily or highly perfumed will compromise the adhesive,’ Elizabeth said.

‘Lashes do not like steam, steam rooms and saunas are a definite no go, but also long hot steamy baths or showers must be considered

‘For the first 24 hours your lash technician might ask you to keep your lashes dry, this will depend on the adhesive they have used. 

‘Adhesive does not dry, it cures. This means that as soon as the extension is applied to the natural lash, it starts to cure as the moisture in the atmosphere will start the process.’

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Revealing other tips to extend the life expectancy of your lashes, the expert said: ‘You can wear makeup but its really important you remove anything from around the eye area.

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‘Eye shadow will naturally collect in the lashes and as long a non oily makeup remover is used you’ll be fine. Gel eyeliners can collect in the lashes and be quite ‘gluey’ so try to avoid gel. Pencil liner is preferable.’

While she also said that brushing your lashes is important: ‘When you’ve started getting your lashes wet after the initial 24 hour period, you will need to dry your lashes carefully after your shower.

‘There’s a certain technique to brushing your lashes, you must support them from underneath with one finger and brush through,  this will separate them and stop them from tangling just like your hair.  

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