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How long should you wait after a break up to date again?

This might be a topic that people often discuss and in most cases everyone might have a different opinion regarding it depending on the situation they are in.


Truth is we all need time to recover from a break up. However long or short that time might be.

In most opinions, majority of the people say that you should take the amount of time that is best for you.

However there are some guidelines that one could used to know if they are ready to date again or not.

1. Figuring when to date does not have a specific time

Each break up is different and most of the time how long you were in that relationship may be a factor to when you think you are ready to date again.

Processing and packaging your past and coming to peace with it is the best recipe for a successful and happy romantic future.


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2. Work on yourself before the next relationship

If you feel that your personal issues was part of what caused your break up, then while you are single, that is part of what you need to work on.

This may lead to a better relationship with your partner when you get to another relationship.

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3. Go for those dates you have been ignoring 

You can tell that that you’ve begun to move on if you’re actually looking forward to going on dates.

Try out new friends, go on dates, rekindle old friendships, – all these will give you a guideline on whether you are ready to move on.


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4. Make peace with your inner-self

You might be blaming yourself for all the bad things that happened in your previous relationship .

Make peace with yourself, love yourself hard, give yourself time to accept the situation you are in but most importantly, forgive yourself in order to allow yourself to make connections with other people.



5. Date when there are signs of falling in love again

Okay, this might be a stretch, but then again you might have fallen out with your ex- so that you can find someone who completes you and can fall in love with again.

So take as long as you want until you get that special person who you can fall in love with again.



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