How Kenyans are being assaulted unknowingly on Nairobi streets

Predators have somehow found new ways to attack their victims.

According to the Star, children fall victim because they are seen as weak, physically and mentally, plus the fact that they dependent on adults who sometimes turn out to be paedophiles.

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Most child s3x predators are fathers, uncles, cousins, grandfathers and teachers. S3xual molesters outside of family ranks include domestic workers, neighbours, boda boda operators, drivers and school workers.

Rape can be categorized into different categories mainly

Physical – This where an individual either touches or fondles another without their consent, it also applies when one forces themselves on another by initiating intercourse.

Conditional rape – This means seeking s3xual favours or advances in exchange for preferential treatment, it is applicable when consent to s3xually explicit behavior is made a condition for employment or mentorship.

Visual conduct – This is when an individual makes gestures at another without having to touch them, this can include suggestive winking, lip smacking etc.

Verbal conduct –

Written conduct – Can be in form of messages, banners etc

Here are the different forms of abuse

1. Making s3xual gestures

2. Whistling and catcalls

3. Smacking lips

4. Unwanted s3xual advances

5. Jokes and banters that contain offensive content

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6. Unwanted s3x messages

7. Unwelcome spanking, fondling

8. Up Skirting (Taking a photo up a girls skirt)

9. Forceful kissing

10. Coercing, threatening another person into participating in s3xual intercourse with you

11. Sharing an individual’s nude photos on social media without consent

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