How I discovered my boyfriend was living a double life 


One never really knows when their partner is leading a double life, and only learns of it in the most unexpected ways.

A female twitter user King Gigi, wrote of her despair on discovering how her man had been cheating on her.

She shares her story – and shocking discovery.
@Gigibolts wrote

My ex boyfriend once told me that he is uninstalling his whatsapp because he needed a break from social media, this ni*ga went on and blocked me. I took my cousin s phone and saved his number, his dp was him, the baby mama and the kid..

She feels betrayed believing the whole relationship was a lie

Joh was super shocked

Her social media followers have reacted to what he was getting up to behind her back.

🤦‍♂️💔😂How do people manage to live a double live?

🤣🤣🤣That’s a men’s secret, you should’ve apologized for finding out.

He needed a brake from u

How well can you know a person 🤔

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