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How do you punish your children, asks Maina Kageni after boys online rant


Kenyans are outraged after a video of a primary school boy using abusive and threatening language went viral.

The boy can be heard threatening a schoolmate whom has bullied him, and said bad things about him.

The young man later shared a video apologizing for the strong comments, as KOT react to it.

Here at Classic, we posed the following question to listeners:

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People are just shocked with the abusive language but in this era of explicit music and videos should we real blame him..

Sylvanus Ndaso
Raising our kids without instilling the fear of God and respect 2 other person is the norm in the families. Nowdays parents applaud their kids on how they insult and abuse one another.The family need prayers #MainaAndKingangi

#MainaAndKingangi this kid was bullied.ndo afike ii point ya kuongea.We are lucky he recorded and posted a video ya ‘matusi’.What if it was a suicide video.mgesema was not right of what he did but bulling is real n it exist,do something about it…
parents are barely there nowadays, so when they are around they choose to connect and turn a blind eye to the wrong doings of their kids #mainaandkingangi
Kitambo we used to settle bullying with closing day fights,,whats this now! Am really disappointed as a parent too #MainaAndKingangi
Discipline is lacking plus upbringing matters alot,,kitambo ukiingia kwa bus na mtu mzee kukuliko hana kiti unasimama akae,,how abt now…..No Ngai atuteithirie ma! #MainaAndKingangi

We have to be role models to our children. They emulate what they hear their parents or relatives do. How do you plant matusi in your house or disrespect for each other in the family and expect to reap Joy, happiness and Good discipline???
If you love your child, you’ll punish him/her; that’s the Bible. Don’t let your child be what they want to be, mold them to become someone you will be proud of tomorrow. We were punished, why leave your child unpunished?
No amount of caning will help,…kama mtoto ni kichwa ngumu kama wazazi wake. it all starts with the parents being disciplined. Let them preach water and drink water instead of wine
Kwangu ata my 3 yr old anajua “mjinga” ni matusi.discipline is my no.1 much as we pray for our kids, kiboko pia lazima ifanye kazi.I was raised by a single mum and she raised us well.ntalea watoto wangu venye nililelewa..
Parent’s have completely failed to discipline their kid’s.I even thought that boy was an adult,11 year’s and words that came out of his mouth are so disgusting. He has been brought up without manners!His parents need to wake up,they have completely failed!!It all starts from home


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