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How Big Of A Role Does A Husband Play In Making A Womans’ Career Decision

In today’s morning conversation on Classic 105 with Maina and Kingangi, Maina Kageni posed a question:

“If a woman gets a job with the United Nations and the post is in New York City, should she move or leave the job? Keeping in mind it’s a huge chance of a lifetime.”

Mwalimu King’ang’i started off by asking:

“What is my role as the husband? Kazi ya bwanake ni nini? Usiniambie ni kukufuata nikikubebea handbag!”

When it comes to married women making a step career-wise, it becomes a bit tricky. What should the man do?

One man on twitter asked Maina;

“Kwani nimeoa career ama bibi?”

Most men who gave their feedback were really against it. They find it hard to support their women if it meant moving to another country. Reason being (according to one caller) when a woman gets money she becomes hard to handle and everything goes wrong with the family since she feels superior. Every decision a woman makes she has to consult her husband even where her career is concerned.

Some men wondered how can she go without him? Even if she is traveling every now and then and comes back home once in a while it is still a huge problem. Their reasoning being she is his property, God created woman for man not vice versa. They felt that it is better to be poor in Kenya rather than to travel to New York and leave him back home.

The crux of this story was, women should not try to downplay their goals or play at being dumb for a man to feel comfortable in her presence. A healthy man will celebrate their strength not scorn them. One lady posed a question;

“Do men enjoy when women stretch out their hands asking for money to buy food everyday? She is just trying to make it in life.”

Mainas last wise words were;

“Ladies there is informing, if he is not supporting you move on with your plans and self fulfillment. I am not saying you leave him compeletly but make your own decisions.”

Here is the audio of the interesting conversation;

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