How a lady should appear for interviews to score that job

When going for an interview you must look presentable, that goes without saying.

The panel judges you by how you look, so it will be of benefit to you to step out in your finest.

The following are ways to enhance your look;

You should wear suits with a skirt or pants. Suits portray seriousness so when you appear in one you make a good impression of being ready to work. They should be simple and dark in color, neat and well pressed.

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Avoid wearing tight, bright or short clothes. Knee length skirts are recommended,  and the waistbands should not be cutting you half. Wear a blouse that matches the suit and avoid bright color or anything that is not official. Dress in a professional way that matches the position you are seeking for. It will make people to take you more seriously and treat you with respect.


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Try as much as possible to be natural. Avoid wearing too much make up. In case of nail polish it should be understated and not with long nails. Wear minimal jewelry and hair accessories that are not flashy, distracting or shiny.

The shoes worn should be fairly low-heeled and not noisy when walking. Avoid wearing shoes with open toes or back. They should not be of bright colors and should match the full outfit. You can carry a pair if need be.

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Take a shower in the morning and avoid wearing very strong perfumes. In this case deodorants are advisable to avoid allergic reactions. Make sure you have fresh breathe and avoid smoking or eating before interviews. This is to avoid cases of bad breath during the session.

Your hair should be thoroughly cleaned and professionally styled. Plaited hair should be well tied to avoid instances of hair covering your face. Short hairs should be neatly cut and combed. Avoid dying hair with bright dyes.

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