HOUSEMATES FROM HELL: This Are The Most Infuriating Housemates Ever! (PHOTOS)

When you’re sharing a home with other people, the odd row about empty milk cartons, the washing up and replacing the toilet roll is bound to ensue.

But a tiff about the housework is nothing compared to the perils some housemates have to put up with – from terrifying figures lurking in the corners, to having their entire room covered in tinfoil.

People have been sharing housemates’ most cunning pranks in a hilarious Bored Panda thread, including a bedroom rooms covered in Post-it notes to a very cheeky individual who piled their friend’s bed with soft toys when he let slip that he was bringing a girl back.

Another got revenge on his housemate for leaving passive aggressive notes, by spelling out ‘I unclogged the drain’, with hair he’d collected from the plughole.

And another tormented their housemate’s lack of dating luck by presenting them a framed emergency condom.

Here are some photos of housemates pulling pranks on their housemates…


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