Robert Burale

‘My house almost caught fire,’ Robert Burale narrate how God saved him

Life coach Robert Burale has turned a year older.
In an interview with Betty Kyallo, the single father of a teenage girl said he is grateful to be alive as his house caught fire and God saved him.

“My house almost caught fire the other day and being alive is a miracle,” he said.

Betty inquired to know what happened.
Burale explained saying;
“There was a blackout and a pan had oil and because we did not put off the cooker and so when electricity came back, the oil kept boiling for about two hours and by the time we realised the smoke was all over but God said, ‘I am not about to die and that’s all.”

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Robert Burale

Burale also celebrated his special day with a sweet message to himself.

“Grace, unmerited favour, that simply sums up the story of my life. Today as I celebrate my birthday and the gift of another year. My heart is grateful to God for my journey. Picked from the depth of despair, having curved my own path to my destruction, Grace found me just as I was, picked me up and put me on the King’s highway.

Through my failures, my fears my joys and regrets accepted or rejected in summers and winters, God has used the cocktail of my experiences to mould, equip, train and taught me to fully trust in Him. Today, I am energised, focused and clear about the mandate upon my life, fueled by God’s grace. Here I am strong and courageous. Earthly things becoming strangely dim as I keep my gaze on Christ, Ready for destiny,” read his post.

Burale, who is also a motivational speaker who basically speak on behalf of the male gender.

“Men go through so much and as a man and one thing out us is that we die in silence because society expects us to be strong and we should not show vulnerability.
That is why women attempt suicide and men actualise suicide because of the pressure that comes with it,” he said.

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