Jacky Vike alias Awinja

Hotness Galore: Photos of Awinja looking like she is worth a million bucks

Jacky Vike alias Awinja is loved by many for her energy on the screen.

She is loved for her role in ‘Papa Shirandula ‘ which airs in a local TV station.

For her character, Awinja has to dress in clothes that are not appealing to most of us especially team mafisi who as you obviously know love to kula kwa macho.

Well we at Classic 105  went through all the trouble just to show you that off the screen, Awinja is a damsel any man would love to have, but sadly she is taken.


The mother of one has a body to die for. Don’t get it wrong, everyone is beautiful in their own way, howevert a quote from the book Shamba La Wanyama simply states that

“All animals (people)are equal, but some animals (people) are more equal than others.”

While some of us are busy googling flat tummy recipes, check out how Awinja flaunts her snatched body.

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Below are some of her photos which would even confuse the Pope

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