Hot American Singer Tyrese Gibson Reveals His Requirements For A Woman. You Will Be Surprised!

American singer, songwriter, actor, author, television producer and former fashion model Tyrese Gibson is best known for his role as Roman Pearce in The Fast and the Furious series.

Tyrese is known for unapologetically saying exactly how he feels on social media and while his latest comments are definitely honest, they’re borderline offensive.

The singer took to Instagram to say he’s no longer attracted to “loud and aggressive” women. Check out what he had to say to his future wife, below:

All white fleet with beige guts…………. I was just asked today what qualities attract me at this point in a women…. I love a woman that's smart, confident, educated, self sufficient, (( available to be as spontaneous as this lifestyle I live.) I use to be attracted to women with HUGE personalities LOUD and AGGRESSIVE and I would always it a wall…. Now I'm in a zone where I am ONLY attracted to women who's voice is so soft and she has the energy and presence of grace and regal sophistication….. Not subservient REGAL!!! As sexy as my small collection is I never leave home I'm too grown for clubs and turn up every night….. Although I make moves sometimes…. I'm on my #GrownManShit heavy……. I can't wait to get home…….. I don't remember the last time I lost sleep over a hater….. This is a life and lifestyle that I've earned… I use to feel bad about being so blessed and allowed people to play me, use me, take advantage of me… Play on my emotions to get shit out of me cause I had more….. That ATM is shut all the way down…… I'm 3,500 flights, a lot of sleepless nights, a lot of stages and political warfare into this life and lifestyle if you want it get off your ass and GO GET IT!!!!!!! Message to my future wife…… Hello!

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Wow, there you have it ladies, those are the qualities you must posses if you would like to have a chance with the sexy actor.






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