Hopekid and his new catch

‘Herpkid looks herpy,’ Kenyans troll Hopekid after introducing new bae months after Herpes scandal

Gospel artiste Hope Kid has introduced his new bae months after he and DK Kwenye Beat were involved in a sex scandal with a city woman.

Hope Kid whose real name is Simon Peter Wambua took to social media to flaunt his new babe and Kenyans could to keep calm.

Trouble started after DK Kwenye Beat reacted to the photo on his Instagram and captioned

‘Mr and Mrs Wambua’ 

Gospel Musician Hope Kid confirms testing for Herpes..

Hopekid and his new bae
Hopekid and his new bae

Below are some of the hilarious reactions from Kenyans,

Phyllis Karonji: She looks herpy,, I Hope they live herpilly ever after,, Their hearts should beat together forever,,, When is the new wedding?

Mercy Muthoni:My fellow village elder Tabitha mbithe gitau come comb me hii kaswende thing😂😂😂.

Ndungu Joseph Karanja Ndoch: Such a Herpy couple.May they be herpy forever.Congratulations!

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Steven Thomas:Yes,there are people who will love you unconditionally,herpes or no harpes.

Mamake Tabby: Herpkid looks herpy always😋😋😋..I also see decay kwenye d#ck is very herpy with his frend..Wat a lovely omugospel artists…big up!!

O’neal Collins Sande: Decay Kwenye Beat introducing Herpy people I am very Happy (Herpy) for them in the Herpeness Venture in marriage.

Kirsten Tygress :And Mr herpy had to be the one to introduce them 🙆🙆🙆 he is planning on how they will make her herpy together.

Miley Kay:That lady is a risk taker.. Wah. But they look so herpy.

Faith Iman Kings: This are examples of the men my mama warned me about. This gal should know better 😂😉😂😂.

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