Hollywood Drama! Mariah Carey Explains Exactly Why She Fired Her Former Staff

Mariah Carey wants to make something very clear — her ex-staff members didn’t walk out on her … she showed them the door, and she couldn’t be happier about the changes.

“There’s the door” — That’s pretty much what Mariah Carey told her former staff when she learned they didn’t really have her back. The icon explained exactly why she gave them the boot and she held no punches.

“I dismissed a majority of my team because I discovered that they didn’t have my best interests at heart,” she said. “My new team, including manager Stella Bulochnikov are the top of the line in the entertainment business and more importantly in my life and I am now much more financially successful and more organized than in the past.”

The ‘Endless Love’ singer put to rest those rumours that, last month, her ex-staffers quit. She says, in fact, she was the one who pulled the trigger.

One of her current reps also reports the singer has now put measures in place to ensure everyone on her team puts her interests ahead of their own.

Mariah is currently touring Europe and shooting her own musical documentary, it look like the new plan’s are working pretty well;

“My fiancé James Packer just came to visit me in Denmark. And he had no problem being on camera for the show with me…and we had a great time,” she added.

Mariah and Fiance James Parker






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