‘Hivi mimi sijamuona mume wako?’ Nyota Ndogo asks Pierra Makena

Pierra Makenna has been hiding her bae for the longest time. I mean once you’re in the public eye we need to know who you’re dating and what you’ve been up to.

So yes, people have been asking, especially in reference to her baby daddy. We always say once you put your life in the public eye, share the good, the bad and the ugly.

nyota-ndogo-weddingSo Nyota Ndogo had an event all about love and she asked Pierra Makenna where her love is as she the only one who’s bae is unknown.

She said:

Hivi mimi sijamuona mume wako?

Pierra was quick to defend herself and give the reason as to why she has kept her man in the closet. She said she is hiding him because the ladies will prey on him very fast.

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pierraNyota Ndogo moved closer to the table ready to give her some piece of advice. Having been in the public eye for a long time and being trolled all in the name of her old man love.

She said:

Muweke hivi ndo watu waogope kumkaribia. Kuna watu wanakuheshimu lakini kwa sababu hawajui ni wa nani watamuende tu

Pierra was told by her fellow ladies on the table that the message has been passed it’s up to her to heed the advice and parade him before Valentine’s day.

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