My wife almost intentionally infected me with HIV thank GOD she failed

Women have been accused of being good when it comes to lying,for them it is more of an art and more often than not most of them are never found out.

Unlike men women are more calculative with their lies  thus making them perennial liars,while some are just petty lies some are deal breakers which changed the direction of the relationships the women are in.

During the Morning show by Maina Kageni fans were given a chance to open up on which are the worst lies theyfound out about their spouses and one caller left every one in shock.

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He confessed that his HIV positive had fooled him into believing he was the one who had infected her,he says

“My wife was HIV positive when i met her and every time i suggested we go for testing she had all this excuses for three years.

She used to accuse me every day of how promiscuous i am ,just to make sure in-case i found out i know where it came from i do not even not know how i fell for it.

We had a brief breakup and i got into a relationship that somehow  led into me having a baby outside marriage.”



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On realizing that he had messed up ,the man decided to open up not knowing that he was digging her own grave, he says

“I decided to open up about the baby and that is when the bombshell dropped.She accused me of bringing other things apart from the baby not knowing that she already knew she was Hiv+.

she decided to go for testing behind my back and brought me the results  which had turned out positive ,to say i was shocked is an understatement.

When we went for testing is when i realized that apart from being sick she was a regular patient who went to pick her ARV’s there luckily for me i turned out negative.” image-2018-07-06(39)(1)

On being asked if he still stuck with her he says

“We tried making it work but it reached a point and i could not handle it any more  so we separated.”

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