‘His mpango wa kando comes to baby sit his kids’ Kenyans open up about accepting being in an open marriage/relationship (Audio)


Would you accept to be in an open relationship?

An open relationship/marriage refers to a marriage in which the partners agree to let each other have intimate relations outside the marriage.

During the Morning show on Classic 105 Maina Kageni gave his fans a chance to contribute on whether they would allow themselves to be in an open relationship and below are the responses.

“Open relationships work for some people and I think its incredible but for me I don’t want to share the person I love with anybody. I deserve to honor who I am and what I want.”

Another asks

“I share my wife with who? Lets share cars my wife should be like Caesars wife, beyond reproach, open relationship my foot.”

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Another adds

“Siwezi share bibi yangu na mtu,  hata kwa dawa. It’s like sharing a tooth brush with a neighbor over my dead body.”

Another fan says

“Sadly most of the relationships are open unaware by either of the party because when some issues are not addressed both of them opt  to sort it elsewhere.

Be worried when your partner stops complaining of matters that were of concern.”

Just when you think you have heard enough another female fan says

“I can relate to that. My friend’s husband brings his mpango wa kando in to the house, my friend had to adjust . Nowadays the mpango wa kando even comes to baby sit her kids and she has her own room in that house.”

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Listen to this pretty interesting conversation in the audio below:

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