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Hilarious things Kenyans want Elsa Majimbo to ask Rihanna and Beyonce



Elsa has been trending on Kenyan Twitter for pretty much most of the month.

She began the year with an interview with super model Naomi Campbell, then she got named as one of the persons to watch in Hollywood by several magazines, and if that wasn’t enough, Elsa revealed she chats with Rihanna. Elsa shared a personal letter and DMs with Riiri, and now the latest is that she is Beyonce PR list.

She also inked a deal with fashion brand Valentino.

Now a section of Kenyans are more outraged at Elsa after she revealed that none other than Beyoncé had gifted them a PR package from her own luxury athleisure line, Ivy Park.

But aside from haters, there is always that lose Kenyan whose thoughts are totally not related. We sifted through so many hilarious requests that Kenyans want Elsa to ask Rihanna and Beyonce and below are a few.

Have a happy day won’t you?


Another fan of Rihanna’s told Elsa to ask the singer when she would be releasing her next album. This is after Elsa shared a hand written letter from Rihanna.

Another thirsty RIhanna fan wanted to find out if Riri is seeing someone.


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