Hilarious photos prove why you should ALWAYS double check a picture before posting

Most social media users don’t think twice before posting their latest selfies. 

But these embarrassing photos prove it is always worth double checking.

People around the world were caught out when they accidentally captured more than they intended in their social media snaps. 

One woman took what she thought was a creative shot of herself lying on a bed of leaves – only to be told by a follower that her head was just inches away from dog poo. 

A second woman unwittingly snapped herself taking a photo that she claimed was captured by her boyfriend. 

Here are some of the best – and most cringe-worthy examples… 

Hillarious Photos

 Hilarious Photos

Busted! This woman was actually caught out taking her own seemingly romantic pictures

 Hilarious Photos

Inches from disaster: This woman came dangerously close to lying down on dog poo

 Hilarious Photos

Wrong door! A bathroom selfie went wrong when this woman wandered into the men’s

 Hilarious Photos

Mirror reveals all: A seemingly innocent selfie taken in a rather embarrassing location

 Hilarious Photos

Best angle: This woman was snapping going above and beyond to get the right picture



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