Pastor Ng'ang'a

Most hilarious messages from fake pastor Ng’ang’a Twitter accounts

Pastor Ng’ang’a is one of the most interesting and charismatic church leaders in the country. Each month the man will always have an interesting snippet that will get Kenyans talking.

Yes, he might be controversial but his antics still leave a person with awe and surprise. Since the Neno Evangelism pastor’s rise to infamy/fame (depending on who you ask) among Kenyans, several parody accounts have opened off the “Man of God”.

Pastor-James-Ng’ang’a with one of his cars

They are funny and downright hilarious, trying to match the shock value that the real pastor Ng’ang’a metes out occasionally.

Your mom is my GF! Kenyans react after Pastor Ng’ang’a disses King Kaka

I have decided to compile a list of some of the best and most rib-cracking posts from several of these accounts. Enjoy:

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