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HILARIOUS! Bebe Cool Embarrasses His Kids At A Movie Theater

Bebe Cool is one of the well recognized artists from Uganda and his music has without a doubt crossed the borders.

The father of 4 Allan Hendrick Ssali, Caysan Ssali, Alpha Thierry Ssali and Deen Ozil Ssali and husband to one Zuena Kirema is apparently one guy who might be out of fashion. His wife Zuena recently left many in stitches after she revealed the embarrassment he occasioned his kids.

What was evident in what she wrote was the fact that Zuena can make a good of a stand-up comedian. She described how the Mbozi Za Malwa hit maker slept from the begging to the end of a movie in a theater he had gone to treat his kids to a movie at.

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She wrote;

“That moment when mwami decides to take the kids to the cinema and sleeps from the beginning of the movie till the end 🤦🏻‍♀️
So the first thing the kids tell me when they arrive home is “mummy you won’t believe what daddy did,he slept throughout the movie,luckily he was seated at the very first seat”
Mbu next time let him drop us and wait for us at the restaurant or go home and wait for our call.

Isn’t she just a good comedian?

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