‘Hii kitu iko kwa damu’ women open up on why they get jealous over other women’s success

Speaker of Nairobi Count Assembly Beatrice Elachi caused a storm recently after stating that she only travels first class due to a medical condition.

Well the biggest issue in all this is that among those who were celebrating her eviction from City Hall were her fellow women which leaves the question as to whether women are their own worst enemies.


During the morning show, Maina Kageni gave his fans a chance to contribute on why women don’t support their fellow women especially when they are doing better than them.

One says

“Even kwa plot hapo ndo chuki huanzia ,from what you cook,what you wear, the clothes line how you treat your children.This people do exist na ni balaa.”

A male fan says that most women are envious of each others men and that is why they can’t enjoy each others success.

“Their minds revolve around snatching each others husbands and boyfriends and that is where this problems arise from.”


Another says

“It’ s  a good thing they are not united,look at it this way if women were united we would be finished completely, so don’t encourage them to come together.”

A male caller narrates how women in his church are always in conflict, questioning even the tiniest of details such as why the other person was not selected and not them.

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Another says

“Hii ni kitu iko kwa damu,you can just look at your fellow woman and just hate them without any particular reason.

Even on social media sometimes you just look at someones profile and just hate them you can’t even imagine following them so you just block them before they even send you a friend request.


Sometimes when I call customer care services and hear a woman’s voice on the other end I just disconnect and try calling until I get through to a male attendant.”

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