He’s The Real Deal: This Is The Place Nameless Proposed To Wahu

Nameless has always been open about his life, especially when it comes to his wife, Wahu. Having been married for years, Nameless has grown to love his wife even more and learned how to keep their marriage safeguarded and beautiful.

Nameless and Wahu

A while back, he spoke to us and revealed that when he writes a song, the woman that is in his head or he is writing to is by all means his wife. This is a guy whom many ladies out here wish they could have, but unfortunately his heart belongs to only one.

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We all know he got married and some of us even got the opportunity to witness them exchanging their vows. But before the wedding, there must have been a proposal.

Well, Nameless revealed where he proposed to Wahu; a place that many would never have even thought about.


In an interview with a local TV station, Nameless revealed that he actually proposed to Wahu at Arboretum Gardens. Yes, the one place that is used as a social ground for weddings, chilling or just doing exercises.

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He said, “Arboretum is a very nice place by the way. Do you know I proposed to my wife in Arboretum? Mimi ni yule msee. We used to go to Arboretum when I was in campus. The reason I proposed to her at Arboretum was because it was more sentimental. Tulikuwa tunaenda huko tukiwa campo kuchill since its near main campus (UON).

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