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He’s A Cancer Survivor: The man Maina Kageni admires the most (EXCLUSIVE)

Maina Kageni is probably the most recognisable radio personality in Kenya. The man who has built up a cult following over the years as Kenya’s premier radio host seems to get better as he ages.

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How does he do it? That is a question for another day. But one we can ask him at the moment is which person he admires the most? I spoke to Maina yesterday and he was very forthcoming.

Tanasha Donna, Diamond and Maina Kageni
Tanasha Donna, Diamond and Maina Kageni

And who could that be? Drumroll please…That person is lawyer Fred Ngatia. For those of you who do not know, Ngatia heads his own law firm called Ngatia & Associates and is considered among the top lawyers in the country at the moment.

Fred Ngatia waving
Fred Ngatia waving

Two months ago, international agency Chambers and Partners regarded him as the best lawyer in the country. Its report stated;

Top litigator Fred Ngatia of Ngatia & Associates is considered a heavy-hitter and the go-to guy when you want to get things done. He produces brilliant legal arguments in court. In addition to significant commercial cases, he is frequently instructed on public interest cases.

Fred Ngatia in court
Fred Ngatia in court

Ngatia was also among the team that participated in the abolishment of the mandatory death sentence at the supreme court last year. Ngatia was also part of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s legal counsel in the 2017 presidential election petition.

And why does Maina admire him that much?

Because he is a strong individual. He also knows the meaning of networking. He has the best contacts and that he is a cancer survivor!

Maina Kageni
Maina in studio

What wouldn’t Maina leave his home without? He quickly replied by saying that it’s his phone.

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