Here’s Why Cheating Is A Bad Idea

The temptation to cheat is normal , but what you do with your thoughts is what matters. The pain of betrayal will last for long and the drama might just be too much.
If you’re unhappy or unsatisfied in your current relationship, its better to end it because there are things that you will live with for a long time:

1. Cheating will change your life forever – Whether it’s for the better or irretrievably for the worse, if you don’t want your life changed, don’t cheat. But if you do, maybe you can take action to change it without causing someone else pain.
2. You probably won’t get away with it – Oh, you’re good at keeping a secret, containing your feelings, and zipping your mouth shut. Sure, it’s possible to have an affair and never get caught, but once you’re caught !
3. Sex changes us in noticeable ways – What’s the point of having sex if it didn’t. Doing the deed affects us in powerful ways. You can put your clothes back on, tidy yourself up, and try to look normal. But you feel different inside. You might feel elated, enraptured, or enthralled. Or you might feel guilty, ashamed, or regretful — or both at once. How you feel on the inside shows on the outside. What then?
4. Usually, the discovery of an affair – Causes more pain and damage than the act is worth. Sometimes, that damage is irreparable. The hurt feels like a javelin through the heart and it DESTROYS trust. It is one of the most traumatic experiences a human can face.


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