Here’s What You Didn’t Know About Huddah

Socialite Huddah Monroe aka Alhuda Njoroge has not always had it easy according to her.

While she flaunts her wealth and lavish lifestyle, she revealed she was born in Eastlands, Huruma. Yup from grass to grace.



Huddah Monroe rose to fame in 2004 after she clinched the coveted slot of representing Kenya in the Big Brother Africa-BBA reality show in South Africa.

Speaking to K24, Huddah narrated how she was brought up.

She grew up both in Huruma then later in Kitengela away from the city. Her life in Huruma was not hard because she had her cousins and relatives who were very protective of her which made it easier for her to get to know other people. After leaving for Kitengela, she used to go back to Huruma because her  grandmother still stays there. Huddah grew up in a home where domestic violence was prevalent and that’s where she got her thick skin plus having four step brothers. Sadly she also revealed how her step father would drink, and come back home, kick the door and start beating up her mum.

Huddah had to be confident going to school, knowing things are home were not well. Unfortunately she would be mocked by fellow students, and when she came from school she would tell her mum about it. Her mum was very supportive, giving her advice that such was life and she should not care whatever people say as much as she was going through a tough time and this was how she became stronger.

This has strengthened Huddah so much that she is able to handle whatever her haters said. She said “Haters are the best people because they help you grow. They pay more attention to you”. 


School was everything for her and after high school she decided to do a Diploma in programming because she was so much into IT. Plus she saw how her mum was struggling to get money to pay for her college. But she didn’t stay long in school and dropped out to allow her younger siblings to continue with their education.

She decided to be a video vixen with her friends as part of having fun. Her first video was with Jaguar in the song Vuka Boda. Huddah met so many people, some of whom were into drugs and influenced her to use drugs.


She was just 18 when she picked the habit. But at 21 years, Huddah quit drugs upon realising the effect it had on her friends some of who died from overdosing..

How did she change her life? She moved out, changed her phone number and the rest is history.


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