Here’s what Coronavirus is bringing to the light about Kenyans

Over the past week or so, Kenya and the world over has been in the hands of the recent Coronavirus pandemic.

The numbers are spiralling quickly and the world all over is at a halt.

In the face of Coronavirus, it has been a chance to realize what characterizes a true Kenyan:
1. Prayerful
For those who underestimated Kenyans spirituality, I hope you are seeing what’s going around. Men, women and children are all on their knees asking or God’s mercy and intervention. A national prayer day was held on Saturday at the state house as President Kenyatta asked Kenyans to seek God’s forgiveness in the wake of the worldwide pandemic. A video went viral of bodaboda guys on their knees praying at their parking lot seeking God’s forgiveness.
2. Humorous
Kenyans will always find the funny side of everything. And Coronavirus isn’t an exemption. We’ve seen memes making rounds all over and it’s always a good time to cheer up in the face of panic. We thank Kenyans on Twitter (KOT gang) for keeping us all laughing in this trying moments.
3. Untrustworthy
Kenyans have always had trust issues with the government. They rarely buy into what comes from these agencies, ministries and parastatals. Since the Coronavirus found its way into Kenya, most Kenyans have been have issues with the reports been offered by the government. With a nation marred with corruption, anything said is always doubted and Kenyans will always bring their intellectual thoughts to counter everything.
4. Ignorant
This has to do with those guys living in the rural areas. It’s heartening when you listen to the level of ignorance from them. Some claim the virus attacks the rich, those who use planes to travel. Some claim it’s a disease affecting only the ones residing in urban centres. These levels of ignorance could lead to more trouble than good.

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