Emmy Kosgei

Here’s How Emmy Kosgei Inspires Us To Celebrate Our BFF’s This Weekend

Singing sensation, Emmy Kosgei is revealing details of why she has the most enviable friendship yet.

It’s not many celebrities who take to social media to hail praises on their close friends, and so gospel singer Emmy Kosgei deserves our praise.

What we do know about celebrities is that they are always posting photos of themselves, or hanging out with the who’s who in society. so when one of them comes out to publicly praise a BFF we don’t know, we get excited.

Peep out Emmy Kosgei and her BFF interaction below, and tell us who else you think has an enviable friendship.



Life lessons on friendship:: Some friends come and go some stay for a season and go, some leave footprints .. some are brought by God for a reason in a season,some stay while some graduate from frienship to family .. to soulmates .. to destiny helpers…!!!! dont hold or get offended when they go may be they have finished their assignment.. may God give you discerment to know when to hold and when to let go! #happybirthday @vickykitonga #sisterforlife #birthdayreflections (sic)

She responded;

vickykitongaI’m humbled that I’m a true friend who has stayed . I’m here to stay for life . Here to defend you , to support you, to keep your secrets, and to encourage you to discover where you ought to be … I love you too much …. thanks for the surprise this morning

Emmy replied;

emmykosgei@vickykitonga love you always hbd





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