Here’s a video of Maina Kageni in studio after listening to Nyashinski’s new jam ‘Hayawani’

In case you missed it, Nyashinski joined Classic 105’s Maina Kageni in studio on Friday December 1st, to release his new jam.

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Nyashinski was premiering his new song and told Maina Kageni the inspiration behind it.

He said;

I feel like the way I see music it has different purposes there are songs for different things but I feel like in my songs I want to pass different messages.

It may be harsh but I feel I need to say it for my conscience to be at peace we need to be more humane, the music it ends with a glorious feel and thats intentional and I need people to feel not just hopeless but theres more don’t feel like the world is ending . Thats how the song sis supposed to sound.

I always feel pressure to do better than my song ‘now you know’ and mungu pekee‘, he added.

There’s a video of the interview. Watch it below.


Well, fans had alot to say about the new song. Read comments;
Grace Oluoch… Maina do a collabo with that man!…

Esther Mutio …He’s doing gud,keep it up.

Maureen Odhiambo… Great song bro,keep it up

Anne Lemalon… Awesome

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