Here’s a TBT to high school games we all loved


I miss high school to be honest. Not the learning part but the extra activities we did outside schoolwork. The games, the bullying and those “funkies”. Today I want to just take a look into the high school games that rocked back in the days:

1. Draughts

It was a mental game. Buying a brand new draught was expensive and students had to be creative and drew the checkers on paper or a cardboard and used bottle tops as men. This game was more fun when money was involved. This is what brought life to this game. It was a two player game where a player moved the bottle tops towards the opponent and hoping to reach at the end of the board and become a king. Been a king was the killer move as he could move in different directions and trap the men. You ended up losing the game when all your men were knocked off the board or if you ended up been trapped and could not make any move but only surrender.

2. Chokora mti

This was one of the roughest games played. It involved holding a small stick with a lump of soil and everyone had their turn to remove little bits of soil until the stick lost support and fell off. If the stick fell off as you removed the soil you had to run for your life as the other guys would run after you hitting you really hard until you touched what acted as the stopper. It could be a teacher, a tree, a specific girl or a wall.

3. Mgongesho

This game involved knocking a coin on the wall and hoping for it to hit your opponents coin that lay on the ground. In case it hit the coin, the player took that coin and owned it. These coins were mostly 10 shillings. The gurus of this game would rake in good money and buy snacks at the cafeteria for their break time tea.

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