Here is the way forward if you’re struggling to control your emotions

Expressing your emotions in a more peaceful and calm way has been a challenge to many people. At times, the way we react in regard to how we feel can affect the people around. Therefore it is important to have the best way in expressing our feelings and solving our problems.


Tokeo la picha la emotions

They include;

Maintaining silence

Sometimes being quiet is the best way of solving a problem with someone. Rather than blurt out words that hurt people, somethings are better left unsaid in some situations.


Get a book and go sit in a corner. Reading according to some experts helps you express emotions especially when you are so stressed up.

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Thinking positively

Be positive even when facing the worst challenges in life. This will help you to overcome any tough situation that you face when you know something positive is going to come out of it.

Always be sorry/apologize

When you have a problem with someone and you are at the point of fighting, always apologize. This is the easiest way of solving a problem in a more peaceful manner, plus it will help you keep good relations with people.

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Walk away

always leave when anger threatens to take over. This helps you calm down away from the person. It is better to solve an issue when calm as it will help you to avoid cases of fighting when angry.

Sharing with someone

Sometimes opening up and confessing your tribulations with other people will prevent you from being depressed. This is the best way of expressing every bitter feeling you have and in turn you can get some advice or solution to whatever predicament you are facing.

Tokeo la picha la sharing a problem

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Drink something

When you are angered and feel like screaming or shouting out loud you can always sip something. This will help you to calm down and reverse whatever you wanted to say which could affect your audience.


Sometimes the emotions you have can be as a result of being worked out or tiredness. This requires that you do some exercises and your muscles and mind gets to relax.

Tokeo la picha la workout

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