Here Is The Shocking Reason Kenyan Men Are So Frustrated With Their Mother-In-Laws

This week started off with an interesting conversation on the morning show with Maina and King’ang’i, about how parents are nowadays ruining the institution of marriage by encouraging their children to walk out at the slightest sign of stress or trouble.

This is in comparison to the old times when parents would advice their daughters or sons to stick in marriages through thick and thin, despite the challenges.

In regards to this, Kenyan men have now come out to reveal how mother-in-laws frustrate them by demanding financial support, yet they still have families to take care of. Maina Kageni’s big question today was: “what is wrong with a mother demanding that her son-in-law be financially stable?”

Well, this question sparked a lot of reactions from male callers. Listen to their rant below as they explain how they have to part with cash to financially support their wife’s family.

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