Utashtuka: Here is the amount Diamond Platnumz is paid per show

You might be wondering why there is so much fuss on why Tanzanian artiste Diamond Platnumz is among the highest paid artistes,well here is how much he is paid.

Diamond Platnumz  revealed the minimum amount he is paid in every show that he graces. The singer unveiled these details after his hit song with Rayvanny dubbed ‘Nyegezi’ was banned.

“As you might know my charges are not below 70,000$ for every show,that is 160,300,000 in Tanzanian currency and a whooping Ksh 7 million in Kenyan currency.Just for one show I am able to contribute a tax of not less than 48,090,000 (In Tanzanian currency).”

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As you might already know Diamond is an international artistes so  you do your math.


This December, he and his Wasafi artistes will be performing here in Kenya. He and the company must be walking away with a lot of money as well.

Recently, we found out that Harmonize, a WCB signee walked home with a whole million bob after a performance.

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